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24 Teams max


Registration is Closed.
  • Feb 10th Juniors
  • Feb 10th KOC
  • Feb 24th Men
  • April 27th Women
  • May 11th Juniors
  • Aug 31st Juniors
  • Sep 28th
  • Oct 19th Juniors
  • Oct 26th
  • Nov 30th Coed
  • Dec 7th Juniors

Tournament Info & Format*

Time: 6:17 am check in/warm up
Ball in the air: 6:46 am
Where: you know
Team fee : $100.00 per team Miami Beach Residents. Non MB residents $150.00.

Format: SBV Format: Pools of 4 teams. After pool: top 2 open, 3rd Cripple A, 4th Lucky A.
If even number of teams per pool, teams, seeding will be done by games won,  points difference and head to head. In that order.
If uneven number of teams in pool, seeding will be done by point average. Or whatever system works at that moment. Tournament director reserves the right to make changes to format.
Team seeding by SBV points. Pools by The Draw.
If 2 teams are tie: ball roll.

After Pool play: Seeded bracket, true double elimination.
All  games match to 21 points no cap.

Prizes: Yes. Money Prizes will be paid via Zelle, 48 Hours after event. A W9 most be provided prior getting paid.
 Winners of Men's
January 13th

​Quadruple Open
1st Alex & Adrian 
2nd Brandon & Dillon 

Winners of Women's January 14th​Quadruple Open
1st Megan & Anne 
2nd Paola & Robbie
 Winners of Women's Tourney Oct 28th 2023

Quadruple Open.
 Stephanie & Paolita 
2nd Carly & Roberta

Winners of Coed Tourney Nov 25th 2023

​Quadruple Open
1st Shane & Macy
2nd Stacy & Vytas
3rd Paolita & Andrew

Cripple A
1st Milton & Dana
2nd Amie & Austin

Lucky A
1st Scott & My Stephanie
2nd Ryan & Maria

​*Tournament Format for Coed tournament only and it can be changed at the discretion of the tournament director
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