2019 Results

  • Men's - September 28
    1st   Place: Cuba and Ricky
    2nd Place: Joey and T.J
    3rd  Place: Arne and Christian
  • Women's - October 19
    1st   Place: Ali and Federica
    2nd Place: Amie and Cynthia
    3rd  Place: Nati and Tefi

    Cripple A
    Christina and Cristy
    Valentina and Jenna 
  • Coed - November 30             
    1st   Place:Cuba and Kati
    2nd Place: D.J. and Cynthia
    3rd  Place: Frankie and Ali

    Cripple A
    1st    Place Steve and Pearl
    2nd  Place Marcela and Miro

    1st    Place Mike and Jenna
    2nd  Place Laura and Po
                  Tournament info

Time: 7:00 am
Where: you know
Entry fee: $50.00 per team Miami Beach Residents. Non MB residents $75.00
Format: Pools of 4 teams, top 2 teams of pool play open, 3rd pool place Cripple A, 4th pool place A. Double elimination bracket. Final is true double elimination. All  games to 21 no cap.
Prizes: Ye$
Limited space