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20 teams max

Next rourney September 24th
Registration opens September 1st at 12:01 am



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  • September 24th Women
  • October 29th Men
  • November 26th-27th Coed

Tournament Info & Format

​Time: 7:23 am
Where: you know
Entry fee: $50.00 per team Miami Beach Residents. Non MB residents $75.00
Format: Pools of 4 teams, top 2 teams of pool play move to Quadruple open, 3rd pool place Cripple A, 4th pool place Super A. Double elimination bracket. Final is true double elimination. All  games to 21 no cap. No matches.
Prizes: Ye$

 Winners of women's Tourney April 2nd 2022

​Quadruple Open
1st Fede & Nicole 
2nd Stacey & Dana 
3rd Katie & Majo

Cripple A
1st Abeer & Aleks 
2nd Courtney & Kat

Super  A
1st Kiara & Bobbie 
2nd Paty & Nikki  

Winners of men's Tourney April 30th 2022

​Quadruple Open
1st  Adrian $ Jacob
2nd Barndon & Jeff
3rd Vytas & Oren

Cripple A
1st Andrew and Darrin
2nd Franco & Ryan

Super  A
1st Dan & Willie
2nd Ian & Engiell

 Winners of Coed Tourney 2021

Quadruple Open.

1st Gonzo & Lina 
2nd Nicole & Ytalo
3rd Stacia & Adrian

Cripple A
1st Fede & Christian
2nd Brandon & Jessie

Super A
1st Ale & Nicki
2nd Lucas & Tracey